We have good news to share with you. We have been working very actively trying to fix GNSH liquidity problem. What we know so far? What has been done? Lets talk about some public facts.

Low liquidity solution delivered — There is now over $50,000 of UniSwap Liquidity, with over $40,000 of that time-locked for 2 years.


A little spike makes always smile on our face, but with heights theres falls — up and down it goes, thats no news in cryptomarkets. But good news is as we are partnering up with Brahma.Asia platform we already have grown a bit.

Hey you lovely beings! Werrr’ree here! As we have mentioned before, we have a good deal for everyone with GNSH NFT Campaign. Lets talk about it further.

Why someone buy NFT’s?

Who knows. It might be a trend that has phenomenal value. It might be collectors sickness or it might be something larger. This might be just a beginning of the NFT era. More creativity comes with it.

Have you heard about the Beeple NFT sale? You can read about it more from here. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/03/30/vignesh-sundaresan-known-as-metakovan-on-paying-69-million-for-beeple-nft.html

We wont be saying why to buy, but we going with the trend just because…

We previously mentioned adding more GNSH into the Exchange Pools before July 2021. The Goal was to add total of 111 MILLION GNSH into the liquidity pools for trade. Well, we are happy to say that this was done just now. A little bit more than that. We are over from this messy period and there will be no more GNSH ever on market. To be precise theres total of 110,900,574 GNSH on the pool (25.03.2021 18:00) of market circulation. Atlast! This is the DIP! We can start to build community and make reward campaigns for GNSH promoters now. …

Hey Guys! Whoa!! Few days of peace (actually talking with members of GNSH team), the updates are here. We had so much to discuss. Too much early attention could burn your tail. What happened? Whale Alert? Well, it does not matter in a long term and thats why we are here for.

First… Theres First Serious NFT on the Market! People Share It! If we Sell it its 25% of the sale price in the GNSH liquidity pool. Check it out and share-share-share! (Ofcourse its profitable).

This is called EGOD (Backwards DOGE) NFT. Elon mentioned it first time and GNSH…

Too many GNSH — meant for burn.

Do not ask questions when you have answers. GNSH still surprises after the +7000% GNSH Token Growth within first 2 hours. Now we burnt 111,111,111 GNSH and more is to come.

Here is the blockchain proof:


Nothing much to say more. Thank you for the awsome day and lets keep rollin. Please consider of following us and GNSH can be traded on uniswap.

Theres 100,000 GNSH for trade on Uniswap. We start building the community now. It is time. We need to start next phase and sooner we get into the projects, sooner we can get more viral. Surf with the trends is our moto.

Yes you heard right! You can purchase GNSH alpha logo. We even give you full copyrights and remove the logo from our website and little Ganesha will be grown as adult. We have this kind of NFT grow system on our brand.

We sell it with only 9 ETHEREUM and we can move our project into the next phase faster and list GNSH on Uniswap. NFT Logo is available on Opensea.io


BE part of awsome project being born. Funds will be used in Community and 25% of the pot will injected into the GNSH market. Read more about GNSH on our website.

Website: www.ganeshatoken.com

E-mail: info@ganeshatoken.com (Media, partners, investors)

This month is the gnsh DOUBLE presale month. Please consider of checking out our deal and if you decide to support our startup phase, we kindly appriciate it with doubling your purchased tokens which will be freezed 3–9 months depending your package you order from here.

GNSH Roadmap: https://ganeshatoken.com/roadmap/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/GaneshaToken

Telegram: https://t.me/ganeshatoken

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/GaneshaToken

Hello there! 🙏

We have something to share with you.

First we thank investors who participated in a earlybird private sale which at this moment are still open (March 2021). If you would like to purchase a million gnsh package visit our website and look upon the menu there should be Presale! link for that purpose. We afford to go large!

We are mostly working in these sectors: GAMES, ANIMES, NFT, SMART NETWORK TOKEN AND CONTRACT MARKET and PAPYRUS which is fun blockchain book publisher project which use PPS token as blockchain book digital INK asset. We use GNSH in our projects. But…

Ganesha Token

Videogame concept and development. Game assets to NFT collectibles, smart contracts and blockchain Papyrus. All connected with GNSH token asset.

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