Behind the Shibas Mania is a pearl called blockchain seed.

Whats going on with the shibas mania? Who cares. It acts in its own success. We could call it intuition of possible start up project. Well, a possible growth of owning token asset of the thing. Whatever it is, people buy shitcoins because shitcoins are trend. Well, doge was a shitcoin if its still not. Make your act as doge was also dumped a long time after the major rocketing.

There will be more Elons of the Era. Just stay on the track. Be calm.

We keep it so simple right now. It’s still community token as it is valued asset of Ganeshatoken projects. This means game development, token/smartcontract market, NFT Items, Tokenized Assets etc.

How much community coins are in blockchain? There are good and bad coins, this and that. Well, do not laugh about shitcoins, because dogecoin also was one, remember? Also Ganesha team members come from shibatoken experiences.

Today we talk things before we go public market.

Our GNSH will be hyped with our progress been mediafied. I guess for holders, this means token growth. For us, it means a stronger community and to be valued more.

We need powerful community because we are gonna try to votelist our projects on steam, appstore, netflix, kickstarter and on so much more. We vote with our community members, because this works for both parties as you see. We want to grow, you want moon to go, so we need to hold and be strong and bold. So you help actually yourself by doing good for community. Thats what we are, strong together.

Games Concept Development

Our Ganeshatoken games are powered by GNSH and after we launch the office, holders can read all the updates on our games development process. In the same time we are presentating our games to possible investors. We accept cryptocurrencies. After successful project sale, we add 25% of the amount to our GNSH market. Thats gaming sector. Lets move on.

Smart Contract & Clean Token Market

We are planning to start selling some of our clean full token smart contracts. That meaning, people can easily buy some of the smart contracts Ganeshatoken owns. After the successful sale, that also means 25% of the price into the GNSH market pot. We already selling some of the featured smart contracted tokens here:

GaneshaSwap Tokens Liquidity

We are planning our own Swap Exchange called Ganeshaswap. Right now we already have our tokens on Pancakeswap if you navigate through main menu “Buy Tokens”, then you can purchase by swapping some tokens. We have big conceptional goals with all the tokens.

NFT and Tokenized Assets

Our games, blockchain anime series, memes, community and so on will be tokenized as exclusive collective NFT items. Every game has its own theme and NFT blockchain items. You can purchase and trade it on market. Some of the LEGENDARY items have downloadable exclusive content hidden as surpise. It can be tokens, membership, rank or other things. Basically it is collectible NFT item with some privilages. Also considering GNSH staking boosters.

Papyrus for Blockchain Book Publishers

We created Papyrus (PPS) smart chain contract and token for this platform. Write and publish a whole book for blockchain markets. People can be part of your book token holders. Yes you heard it right. We make your book as token item and people can swap it with GNSH or our other tokens. We also make awsome NFT item with downloadable book.




Videogame concept and development. Game assets to NFT collectibles, smart contracts and blockchain Papyrus. All connected with GNSH token asset.

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Ganesha Token

Ganesha Token

Videogame concept and development. Game assets to NFT collectibles, smart contracts and blockchain Papyrus. All connected with GNSH token asset.

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