GaneshaSwap Ideology Concept

Hello there! 🙏

We have something to share with you.

First we thank investors who participated in a earlybird private sale which at this moment are still open (March 2021). If you would like to purchase a million gnsh package visit our website and look upon the menu there should be Presale! link for that purpose. We afford to go large!

We are mostly working in these sectors: GAMES, ANIMES, NFT, SMART NETWORK TOKEN AND CONTRACT MARKET and PAPYRUS which is fun blockchain book publisher project which use PPS token as blockchain book digital INK asset. We use GNSH in our projects. But what about the other miniassets we use in our in-platform? Well all this can be swapped for GNSH, so we gonna use Ganeshaswap for that and for many other reasons.

We are working with smart tokens market too. We will talk each sector roadmaps in the future, but this time we are focusing on one and you already know what we are gonna talk about. Ganeshaswap.

So, lets talk about our own Ganeshaswap roadmap and functionality. What we are trying to aim here? With GaneshaSwap we allow ourselves to make a pathway for our roadmap ideas to come true.

What we are mostly doing? Game concepts, NFT collectibles and Smart Contract Market which has purpose of smart network token registration and selling already made contracts with full rights.

No worries, we have talked about Animes too if you remember. Still actual, but this is just a one sidefun for our GNSH community - so every time we make an anime, we try to push it on netflix votelist and GNSH community tries to make it happen, because it would spike the token value, right? Its just for fun and it gives a little extra to our GNSH traders, so why not.

Coming back to the main projects, if you see, well we want to use GNSH in our projects. Lets see another use of the GNSH.

For instance, if our game “The Fu*king Penguins!” get so far that we could start presell the game, people can purchase it with GNSH. Not only that. If we are aiming steam, we also want games to be connected with metamask and blockchain network. You can purchase bonus kit and items with GNSH, also if we could make it happen, we can use NFT items in games and also players can earn ingame assets called FISH and SHRIMP which we already have registred in smartchain network. We plan to make withdrawal of these assets in a certain way as we still decide the strategy on that later on. For the withdrawal proccess, we want to use Ganeshaswap for trading ingame assets for GNSH. And as you know, GNSH will be listed on markets for independent trading.

Thats just games sector ideas. If you see the bigger picture, its nice project. Secondly, we have swap platform, then we accept partners for listing their tokens. Lets make it work. It has so much potential and use.

Mostly we need our own swap, but also this makes GNSH as main token in our projects and that is good for every GNSH holder too. We do not seek early dumper investors, so right now we only sell doubled tokens with 3–9 months locktime. It means investors recieve doubled GNSH tokens depending their presale kit their purchased. We also give ranks to holders later on.

All this will be talked in the near future. We are working hardly right now on the presale sale phase to list GNSH on market and then its marketing and community building phases coming. In the same time company startups will be revealed for GNSH asset purposes.

Link for presale:

GNSH website:

The Fu*king Penguins!:


Videogame concept and development. Game assets to NFT collectibles, smart contracts and blockchain Papyrus. All connected with GNSH token asset.