Ganeshatoken Holder Ranking

We just recieved a rank badges from a NURARONI studios. We use them in twitch and our holderboard platform. We would like to introduce you all the ganeshatoken investor badges. The numbers are not carved in a stone yet, so you know. Here they are, as they grow.

- Not mentioned right now -
Ganesha. All who owns atleast 50,000 GNSH.
Adult Ganesha. All who owns atleast 500,000 GNSH.
Master Ganesha. All who owns atleast 1 MILLION GNSH.
Awakened Ganesha. All who owns atleast 10 MILLION GNSH.

We still consider changing the amounts of ranks… depending on upcoming tokenomics.

We are in the active search of early investors and partners. If you have not heard about it, please consider to visit our website and read more about it.

We highlight the shortcut link here too:

Til next time when we discuss more about our projects and partnerships….