GNSH & Phoenix — For the rebirth, more new whale holders needed.

A little spike makes always smile on our face, but with heights theres falls — up and down it goes, thats no news in cryptomarkets. But good news is as we are partnering up with Brahma.Asia platform we already have grown a bit.

We are still waiting more investors to join us and feed us with larger liquidity as this is our only bottleneck right now.

We need more ETH in liquidity pools. It is very appriciated.

So far you have seen so much going on and still we are walking baby-steps. This project has so much potential, but we need whales to gather up and join us. We also still taking members to crew, so if you think you could help, write us.

Another 111 MILLION GNSH has been burned.

Yup. Our biggest holder swap 55 MIL GNSH for Awakened Ganesh NFT COLLECTIBLE and this is the most expensive NFT. Already has one offer too.

Here is the link for that NFT:

As this transaction triggered “111 MIL GNSH BURN” effect, as promised, we have burned 111 MILLION GNSH tokens from the Ganeshatoken Dev Wallet.

Here is the burn transaction proof (still need update ethscan log):

And what is next plans to come?

Well, We are not participate so much in the GNSH market and we are focusing on our projects. We need to fix low liquidity problem first and then we can update also whats going on with projects.

We are partnered with Brahma (Smart Contract Sector) and we still are waiting ETH funds from NFT sales so we could continue games development and in the middle of September we hope to see Papyrus Platform launch.

Brahma Token Registry Platform (Launch on August 2021) gives people opportunity to create their own token and they help to manage it. Also they want to spice things up with ranks, leaderboards and brahmaborn tokens featured boosting support. They help you with that.

Ganeshatoken is the fun side of these projects. We have artists and nice people with good vibes working with these projects. We deliver graphical assets, IT and blockchain services together and can help with gaming sector later.

We might get on Whitebit exchange, but we will talk with them further on next week. Also after DEX score gets better, we try to list GNSH on coingecko.

If you want to obtain GNSH, do it with small amounts til liquidity gets better.


This is the fast update for today. Will keep you updated.



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Ganesha Token

Videogame concept and development. Game assets to NFT collectibles, smart contracts and blockchain Papyrus. All connected with GNSH token asset.