Have you even heard about Dark Crypto Elite Groups? No? Well.

Remember, if you hear first time about this, then you shall hear it even more in the future. There are massive groups of scammers who try to FUD those who are weak. They find potentially good gems and trying to take it over. Many have experienced these schemes. Let us reveal some of the common breaking points, these are the things they want project owners to do.

Firstly, they try to buy bulk dev tokens, these are seperated to their group for automatically rugging bots. They collect fees from Liquidity Pools they help to make if the project has been rugged. They try to lock dev tokens, which actually are common sense and good for investors eyes too, but sometimes that means they start controlling the project and later people blame the wrong people, meaning they will control the people behind the project.

They fud as they can. They make fake account with groups, say things to weaken the project in every way. Humilations are common, they say you will fail and game over and nothing can do etc. They show their power in any way they can. But the details has been seen later clearly, but then it might be too late. In the meanwhile they accumulate tokens even further. They control LP pools, majority of tokens, bots and all the other things regarding the project in their favour.

They ofcourse manage everything and they are trying to make it behind the curtains.

Have these things been blogged before, want to read other people experiences. Luckily, my experiences have paid off (well a lot of has been paid because of that, price is high.)

Now with this time, luckily, token creations are made even anti-bot and dont ask me how it works in technical way, but i believe we have made a huge steps in blockchain totally.

Love to see long-term projects, sadly, hateful to watch sharks with bots and projects fail. FUDDING is not the way.

I am prepared to expose Crypto Dark Elite Groups, not their identity, but how they work and this should be read everywhere, because that is the one of the first fails ever to even considering make a partnership with them, as they want to “help” you. Be aware.

Actually, if they do not have dev tokens, they cannot overrule anything. Do not make partnerships with these groups. They will hault your project and you find yourself inside the LIMBO without any power to say anuything to nobody whatsoever.

Now, if we fail this IDO, then I personally give up, i want this project happen and i paid everything for it. Now if we succeed, we freaking go all the way!

Love to watch my kingdom grow, and to upgrade NFT’s, drink coffee in the Hall Of Fame and stake some tokens.

We have token contract audited from cointool. We have kingdom tax 5% and now the awsome thing is that the early holders gain 7% from transactions, only time will fill your bags. Diamond Hands for the win! And every transaction, 3% goes automatically “buyback” feature, so that will be injected into the Liquidity Pool.

We have good tokenomics, vested tokens, taxes… everything. Now if we start getting funded, we build this kingdom together in a matter of time. So excited about this opportunity. Please do not FUD and allow fudding.

Be aware of the scammers. Check the transparency on contracts and make your own choice. It is actually pretty obvious that if you have a nice project going, they FUD the most, that is their job. That is why they even bother to come and put this effort in so much. Logical.

Every project if planned with heart can be ruined like this. FUD is not logical if you really want the project to succeed. Positive vibes, community power and sharing is the caring.

Good projects are known for friendly mannered communication with the project leaders. They have shown the signs of trust before and will continue to surprise those who do not believe. One shall not call anybody “Pussy”, simple.

If you want to explore hidden gems, well you really need to have a faith and a patience with some luck. Ganesha is trying to remove any obstacles.

God Bless! Namaste!




Videogame concept and development. Game assets to NFT collectibles, smart contracts and blockchain Papyrus. All connected with GNSH token asset.

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Ganesha Token

Ganesha Token

Videogame concept and development. Game assets to NFT collectibles, smart contracts and blockchain Papyrus. All connected with GNSH token asset.

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