Low Liquidity Solution — Delivered!

We have good news to share with you. We have been working very actively trying to fix GNSH liquidity problem. What we know so far? What has been done? Lets talk about some public facts.

Low liquidity solution delivered — There is now over $50,000 of UniSwap Liquidity, with over $40,000 of that time-locked for 2 years.

Lets build more transparency and trust with these facts.

We start by saying DEXT Score is now 37 and going. Community trust has 87 votes with 96,6% of thumbs up.

These votes came along with more GNSH holders joined up.

We have now 509 GNSH holders and — tip of the iceberg.

Alright stay with us and lets continue…

For a start we could say that we have burned 111 MILLION GNSH yesterday. And here is the transaction proofs of the burns.

First burn 111,111,111 GNSH:


Second burn 111,111,111 GNSH:


We have updated our burn information and some details on Etherscan. We need to wait them to respond or change some details.

Here is Ganeshatoken (GNSH) Etherscan contract:


And now we want to share…

Dev wallet tokens locked on team.finance platform !

We have locked total of 400,000,000 dev wallet GNSH tokens from our side.

To add even more transparency…

You can confirm these transactions on https://team.finance/view-coin/0x7C5fF719a6c76fe643e9eCd0F11F146a2de05F14?name=GaneshaToken&symbol=GNSHThat is awsome!

And look public information about GNSH holders: https://etherscan.io/token/0x7c5ff719a6c76fe643e9ecd0f11f146a2de05f14#balances

Well thats just technical side. Lets talk something fun and focus on the NFT’s. We are going to get our team designers working on NFT’s and it will be on Opensea.io — if we can join the Binance NFT platform, we certainly will do it.

These are first steps and we continue the path. All who have supported us so far, we would want to say our thanks! Have not been easy startup and we are still trying to make the best of it. This is our passion. We want to make strong community, we love to see smiles and support. Lets do it together.

Coingecko, Coinmarketcap and Worldcoinindex.

We have been listed on worldcoinindex:

With Coingecko and Coinmarketcap it is pretty harsh to get listed — theres so much scam projects. That is understood, they are getting it right. This is good. So there is very strict terms that we must pass before get listed on coingecko and CMC, but we are making little steps already for getting listed. We just need to make sure we do this right.

About market exchanges.

We have been contacted from several exchange platforms, but we still are in not that position now to add more markets - As dev wallet do not hold majority amount of GNSH anymore… it has been now locked for years.

We can be traded on uniswap and 1inch. We hope ETH2 fix the gas fees all over blockchain — we love uniswap and 1inch platforms. These terms might change soon, but that is the update right now.

We will update you when we know more…




Videogame concept and development. Game assets to NFT collectibles, smart contracts and blockchain Papyrus. All connected with GNSH token asset.

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Ganesha Token

Ganesha Token

Videogame concept and development. Game assets to NFT collectibles, smart contracts and blockchain Papyrus. All connected with GNSH token asset.

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