We are now on 1inch Exchange and GNSH market correction made! Lowest DIP is now!

We previously mentioned adding more GNSH into the Exchange Pools before July 2021. The Goal was to add total of 111 MILLION GNSH into the liquidity pools for trade. Well, we are happy to say that this was done just now. A little bit more than that. We are over from this messy period and there will be no more GNSH ever on market. To be precise theres total of 110,900,574 GNSH on the pool (25.03.2021 18:00) of market circulation. Atlast! This is the DIP! We can start to build community and make reward campaigns for GNSH promoters now. This coming in the upcoming weeks when we speak more about this campaign.

If you wondering when to buy GNSH then this time is now on! The correlations are made and we have early holders who went down with the whale dump, but GNSH will catch up soon. Right now is the right time!

The next step is to buy-buy-buy. We are now entered the point where no more GNSH tokens will be on exchanges and all other tokens now-on will be burned after some milestones reached. We already burned 1/5 “to-be-burned” GNSH and 4/5 is left to burn. Total of 555 MILLION GNSH token will be burned with proof included.

Read about the first burn from here(PROOF TRANSACTION): https://ganeshatoken.medium.com/it-happened-111-million-gnsh-sent-to-the-burn-address-9686e56d63a1

What now if the market Price low has fixed?

This is the ultimate dip. This means now on if you buy GNSH, it will grow with every BUY and who adopts it early, well becomes whale. Good Luck.

For instance, right now if you want to be GNSH millionaire, you only need to pay 0.000029144 ETH but well… this now goes only higher. The most highest price of history was 0,51USD per GNSH but these times are also ahead of us. We now can officialy give you the free hands of choice. You are on your own guys. Cant control the whales, but GNSH gives you a good opportunity for purchasing early on GNSH tokens right away.

If you want to swap ethereum to GNSH from Uniswap, then the link to do that is here: https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?inputCurrency=0x7c5ff719a6c76fe643e9ecd0f11f146a2de05f14&outputCurrency=ETH

If you want to trade it on 1INCH then the link is here: https://1inch.exchange/#/GNSH/ETH — Add contract Address: 0x7c5ff719a6c76fe643e9ecd0f11f146a2de05f14 and GNSH will be imported.

Price will start to grow fast after the first whales join the market. Market corrections are made and in a long term we see GNSH growth.

Every NFT we sell, we inject 25% of the sales (ethereum) into the GNSH market which gives GNSH a nice touch of growth.

Ganesha NFT (25% ETH from the SALE goes Into GNSH liquidity pool): https://opensea.io/assets/0x495f947276749ce646f68ac8c248420045cb7b5e/12122366971958406676286749370767002329341871999777784922143083853647542484993

Also, check the Egod NFT. It is overpriced or maybe just that most people cannot afford it. Well they could bid on it. Its on sale:


Take a deep breath and relax. We are now entering to the marketing phase and every purchase now makes you whales and we give ranking titles later on holderboard platform.





Videogame concept and development. Game assets to NFT collectibles, smart contracts and blockchain Papyrus. All connected with GNSH token asset.

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Ganesha Token

Ganesha Token

Videogame concept and development. Game assets to NFT collectibles, smart contracts and blockchain Papyrus. All connected with GNSH token asset.

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