What a GNSH Week!

Hey Guys! Whoa!! Few days of peace (actually talking with members of GNSH team), the updates are here. We had so much to discuss. Too much early attention could burn your tail. What happened? Whale Alert? Well, it does not matter in a long term and thats why we are here for.

First… Theres First Serious NFT on the Market! People Share It! If we Sell it its 25% of the sale price in the GNSH liquidity pool. Check it out and share-share-share! (Ofcourse its profitable).

This is called EGOD (Backwards DOGE) NFT. Elon mentioned it first time and GNSH heard it and made something of it. We are the first of EGOD NFT Collectible sellers. This is the key factor for our projects.

Lets hope Elon Musk like this and buys it because its awsome and this helps GNSH community to expand. Share it on your twitter and send it to Elon. Think big and even larger. This is the Moon for GNSH.


Whale Alert!? Bots? Androids? Elon? Whoaaa!

Last Sunday when GNSH released into the Uniswap it went nuts with over a 7000% of value growth. https://ganeshatoken.medium.com/we-are-listed-on-uniswap-3580ca3bb08a

Theres a good old saying that “Do not celebrate too early…” and what happened with first few hours was phenomenal.

When the first 100,000 GNSH added to Uniswap with all the ETH left on the community budget, a few whales (bots or human) started to buy-sell-off. That said GNSH market spiked up too fast to 0,51 USD per token. After the dump price went down as it was before and then the second whale wave started til again dump. What happens in markets stays in the markets.

With that said we have now our first statistics. As it was profitable for some bots or whales, it now only just began to continue the roadmap.

Pool created: 3/21/2021 14:48 — Fully diluted Market Cap:$18,917,778.41 (25.03.2021)

GNSH Token Distribution / Roadmap

We spoke with GNSH members about tokenomics and we decided to keep it simple and transparent. We cant control what happened with market but we could continue token distribution in liquidity pool.

We did have pre-investor phase — with 6 of 10 total investors gathered on the timeline. Now we considering in the need of refund pre-early investors, but i think it will be alright. That might good news for the holders and traders because if we gathered ten investors the tokenomics would been working, but now with that pool ratio we cant deliver ONE MILLION GNSH to few who would dump it. But we might get a supply inject solution. It Depends can we add more GNSH into the markets soon or not, but we see that we might. So it will be corrected. We should focus on projecs, but need the community for our projects, so what CEO said on roundboard — he demanded GNSH correlation strategy. Here is what we know about liquidity pool.

Uniswap Liquidity Pool had 35,000 GNSH left with low ETH ratio. It now has 84,074 (25.03.2021,11:42EST) GNSH pooled tokens.

OUR GOAL FOR THIS WEEK IS TO ADD ATLEAST 50 MILLION GNSH on the POOL. Then we wait early adopters and then we ADD another 11 MILLION GNSH and the last effort is to add the last 50 MILLION and then no more GNSH will be ever on market and all other GNSH will be burned. (Except Owners and Community Funds).

This means price goes down for a while, like it supposed. Market correction already has been started with adding more liquidity to the GNSH pool with every sale. Price will be unpredictable, but this is should take care of early whale dumpers.

We add as many GNSH as possible with max supply of 111 MILLION. Timeline for adding more liquidity is April 2021 — July 2021 and after that a standard NFT SELL 25% to the liquidity pool regulation.

Every Successful NFT Sale are very good news to GNSH Token. It is pretty simple because every time we sell a NFT the CEO will add 25% of the saleprice ETH to the markets.

What that means for the community?

We buy tokens back, it makes price higher. That is we need to make sells. That is why CEO wants to build strong community. Our community is our votepower and our voice. Make memes, promote.

GNSH Tokens Graveyard (Burn)

We plan to burn total of 555 MILLION of GNSH tokens. That means 444 MILLION GNSH are left for the circulation. 111 MILLION is for the GNSH Owners fund, 222 MILLION is for the GNSH Community Fund and 111 MILLION for the GNSH trades.

We burn with GNSH with 5 phases and you watch baby Ganesha grow to a Awakened Master Rank which means that all 555 MILLION GNSH now are burned and we see what effect that has later on. This is experimental community project and you can or not, participate it, depending on your free choice of choosing.

We already burned 111 MILLION of GNSH. That is 1/5th of the burns. You can read more about it: https://ganeshatoken.medium.com/it-happened-111-million-gnsh-sent-to-the-burn-address-9686e56d63a1

How we build strong community?

Ganeshatoken are on very early phase of development. So much is to come. Even the hard startup we already experienced some intresting things. Still we need to focus on projects and we are filtering our community groups. We noticed that the ones who usually dump are the ones who spam and advertise.

They are the little buggers who are not in proper fit for our community so we have official group for them. Let them be. The other ones who are intrested in the projects and are long-term holders, we invite them to the elite group so there can be less noise and more productivity. We are building strategies and a longterm solutions for everybody. This takes times, that said, wait and see.


We need more advertisers and liquidity

We still have not promote ourselves because of the community funds are low. That is why we need you for sharing the news and promote Ganeshatoken.

So now the April — July phase are adding more liquidity in the uniswap. After the July we know the GNSH price that starts to grow more and more. Right now this is gonna be good for longterm holders. We snapshot-aidrop prolly too. Part of the correlations that are coming in the upcoming months.

There are total of 41 holders that traded on 21.03–22.03 2021 and from that there are some who are eligible for that kind GNSH amount correction. I guess it is kind of a airdrop fork reward. More of that in upcoming months.

Whats next?

We wait coingecko, coinmarketcap, worldcoinindex to list Ganeshatoken GNSH on the databases.

Coingecko happily whised the uniswap listing url which we now provided, worldcoinindex usually takes up a week for review and coinmarketcap handles large volumes of requests, so everything is pretty obvious that it takes time.

We are speaking with market exchanges for looking the next partners to list GNSH. We have offers from three market exchanges. We continue working on projects and making NFT’s.

We build community and after the strong community it’s pretty fluid to sell NFT’s. Going to be hard startup again, but we can do it tho.

So what we learned today was that 555 MILLION of GNSH is going to be burned. Total Max of 111 MILLION GNSH available for adding to exchange liquidity pools with sell phases.

NFT Collectibles coming for sale! And every sale means 25% to GNSH pot.

Community and promoting the NFT gives more opportunities. We have higher chances of selling NFT’s with GNSH community promote campaign. We have rewards for every successful sales.

Market correlations phases coming April — July 2021. After that there is known how much GNSH is on circulation and tokenomics, rewards, snapshot corrections and investors refund.

We continue the projects. We have awsome lottie animations, character designs and new game development coming. A new game hint is Druidism and Romans.

And for the last… new introduction animation introduction is here:

The Fu*king Penguins! Game main character Pencube NFT: https://opensea.io/assets/0x495f947276749ce646f68ac8c248420045cb7b5e/12122366971958406676286749370767002329341871999777784922143083854747054112769

So this is the news of this week, to the next time!

Do not forget to check EGOD NFT:

And here is meditating little ganesha animation:






Videogame concept and development. Game assets to NFT collectibles, smart contracts and blockchain Papyrus. All connected with GNSH token asset.

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Ganesha Token

Ganesha Token

Videogame concept and development. Game assets to NFT collectibles, smart contracts and blockchain Papyrus. All connected with GNSH token asset.

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